You made history.

Two years ago, Maine enacted Ranked Choice Voting statewide, but in Massachusetts this reform was not widely known. A few legislators would file bills every session but only a couple dozen would even bother to co-sponsor. Given there are 200 legislators in the State House (40 senators and 160 representatives), RCV was barely a blip on anyone's radar. Because of YOU, that has all changed...

We've smashed all expectations.

Thanks to our massive mobilization, Ranked Choice Voting is now one of the hottest issues being discussed in the State House. 

The people have spoken.

In just seven days, dozens of volunteers stepped up and made 5,900 phone calls to our 25,000-person statewide network of supporters and activists, who in turn flooded the State House with calls and emails. Simultaneously, our staff executed a 200-office "lit drop" and made personal calls to every single member to ensure they put RCV on their agenda.



Law-makers are listening.

As of today, here is where we stand:

82 state legislators have signed on to propose Ranked Choice Voting as law.

That's 17 senators and 65 representatives. We are just 4 shy of a majority in the Senate, and just 16 shy of a majority in the House.

41% support in the first month of the session? This is nothing short of amazing. This cements Massachusetts as the most promising state in America for the advancement of Ranked Choice Voting. We should all feel very proud of our hard work.

Actions you should take right now:

  1. Please RSVP for our next statewide meeting on Wednesday, Feb 27th in Boston (you can also call in), where we review our campaign and discuss the strategy for the work ahead. Click here to learn more or to RSVP.

  2. Please consider making a generous donation to the Voter Choice Education Fund, our 501c3 sister organization. The Hewlett Foundation will send us a $200,000 grant once we have raised $200,000 from Massachusetts donors. We are more than half-way toward the goal, and with your help we can double our entire movement-building capacity!

  3. Please ensure your state senator and state representative are co-sponsors of both of our bills. If they are, thank them. If not, take action today. Reach out to them and urge them to join their colleagues and the people of Massachusetts who demand better voting. Share our Take Action page on Facebook and other social media. Let's get to majorities in both chambers by the end of March!

Thank you so much for being a part of this movement. It is an honor and a joy to see our vision for better voting gain unprecedented momentum. There is still so much work to do, but with your continued, dedicated support, we will win.

Adam Friedman
Executive Director
Voter Choice Massachusetts


featured photo credits:AbhiSuryawanshi [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons (

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