New Member Welcome Meeting, Feb. 2019

February 09, 2019 at 1pm - 2:30pm EST
Voter Choice MA HQ
44 Temple Pl, 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02111
Kobe Yank-Jacobs - - (562) 715-9484

A few notes on our organization and progress:

  • In just two years, the movement for Ranked Choice Voting in Massachusetts has grown to over 24,000 supporters.
  • The Boston Globe, Secretary Galvin, several U.S. Representatives and more than 1/4 of the legislature have endorsed RCV as a better, fairer way to vote.
  • Every month, hundreds of people take action with our organization to bring this crucial reform to the Bay State.
  • We are the largest and most well-organized team working on RCV in the U.S. We have a responsibility, not unfamiliar to Bay Staters, to carry the torch forward in the movement to improve our democracy.

If you've recently connected with our movement and are looking to:

  1. learn more about how Ranked Choice Voting improves democracy;
  2. learn about our strategy to pass RCV in the commonwealth;
  3. learn the grassroots organizing skills needed to grow the movement;

please join us for this New Member Welcome Meeting.

We're looking forward to meeting you! Please RSVP to the left.