BREAKING: State House Hearing on RCV Bills H.2897, H.377 & S.380

Our next big opportunity to advance Ranked Choice Voting in Massachusetts is coming up this Thursday at 1:30 PM on Beacon Street in Boston, as House Bills H.2897 & H.377 and Senate Bill S.380 will be coming up for their hearings! We invite you to join us in the legislative chambers to show your support! Click here to RSVP on our calendar.

Ranked choice voting bills are finally getting a State House hearing next Thursday, October 12th in Hearing Room B-1. Please arrive ON TIME at 1:30PM so we can prep for the hearing at 2PM. Here are the bills:

- S.380 / H.2897 “An Act providing a local option for ranked choice voting in city or town elections” --

- H.377 “An Act to promote better voting practices” — “[use of ranked choice voting for state offices:] governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of the commonwealth, state treasurer, state auditor, and representative and senator in the general court.” --

Also, feel free to RSVP on Facebook and RSVP on Meetup.