Win Ranked Choice Voting in the State House

Our 2019 campaign is to pass a Ranked Choice Voting bill through the MA State House. We are very glad to say that the effort of everyone involved in Voter Choice MA is helping to make that a reality. As of February 1, we have 84 supporters of RCV in the State House out of 200 legislators!

That's an astonishing 42% of the State House who have expressed support of RCV within the first month of the session!

Here's how that breaks down.

In January, our legislative allies filed two bills (see our fact sheet for more information): 

  • RCV State & Federal Bill (SD768/HD815): Sen. Jason Lewis; Rep. Andy Vargas, Rep. Adrian Madaro
    Enact Ranked Choice Voting for all state and federal elections (except for President).
    -- Currently 71 co-sponsors (14 senators and 67 representatives).

  • RCV Local Option Bill (SD1800/HD1999): Sen. Becca Rausch; Rep. Jen Benson
    Allow cities and towns an easier way to adopt Ranked Choice Voting for local elections.
    -- Currently 62 co-sponsors (16 senators and 46 representatives)

To date we have a total of 82 legislators (17 senators and 65 representatives) who have co-sponsored RCV legislation. 

Have your legislators signed on to our Ranked Choice Voting bills? It's not too late! Look them up in the table below, urge them to add their name as a co-sponsor, and together, we will win Ranked Choice Voting in 2019!

Take Action Now

  1. Don't know your state legislators? Visit, submit your address, then scroll down to find your officials for STATE SENATE and STATE REPRESENTATIVE.
  2. Find the names of your state legislators in our listing to the right, click the link in the TAKE ACTION column, and use the correct template to send an email to thank them for their support for Ranked Choice Voting or to urge them to vote for it this session!
  3. Let us know which action you took on which official, and forward any response you get, by emailing!

Look Up Your Officials

Open this spreadsheet in a new tab

Open this spreadsheet in a new tab

Senate Supporters of RCV

House Supporters of RCV