How to Win Ranked Choice Voting in the State House

Our 2019 campaign is to pass two Ranked Choice Voting bills through the MA State House. We are very glad to say that the effort of everyone involved in Voter Choice MA is helping to make that a reality. As of February 1, we have 89 supporters of RCV in the State House out of 200 legislators!

That's an astonishing 44% of the State House who have expressed support of RCV within the first month of the session!

In January, our legislative allies filed two bills (see our fact sheet for more information): 

  • RCV State & Federal Bill (S.414/H.719): Sen. Jason Lewis; Rep. Andy Vargas, Rep. Adrian Madaro
    Enact Ranked Choice Voting for all state and federal elections (except for President).
    -- Currently 71 co-sponsors (14 senators and 57 representatives).

  • RCV Local Option Bill (S.420/H.635): Sen. Becca Rausch; Rep. Jen Benson
    Allow cities and towns an easier way to adopt Ranked Choice Voting for local elections.
    -- Currently 62 co-sponsors (16 senators and 46 representatives)

To date we have a total of 82 legislators (17 senators and 65 representatives) who have co-sponsored RCV legislation. 

Take Action Now

Have your legislators signed on to our Ranked Choice Voting bills? Check our tracking sheet to follow our progress with all of the legislators, or enter your address to see if the legislators who represent you support RCV and to learn what we need from you to ensure that they support these critical bills and enact Ranked Choice Voting in 2019!

Want a template to email your legislator? Here are templates for endorsers and co-sponsors, legislators who are undecided or non-committal after meeting with us, and legislators who have neither met with us nor signed on yet.

Let us know which action you took on which official, and forward any response you get, by emailing!

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Enter your address to find the legislators who represent you in the state house or follow our progress with all of the legislators in our tracking sheet.

Senate Supporters of RCV

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