NYTimes Discusses MA3 and Ranked Choice Voting

On September 17, The New York Times featured our movement for Ranked Choice Voting and the crowded, 10-candidate CD3 Democratic Primary.  Continue reading

25 Reasons I #WishICouldRank in the September 4th Primary

Debate from the ten-candidate CD3 Primary: In this race, someone could win with 11% of the vote! Tuesday's September 4th primary presents Massachusetts voters meaningful choices for the future direction of our state government. If the past is a guide, the results of these races will clearly impact us for many years to come. Unfortunately, what’s also clear is that the problems of our plurality voting system — where voters are limited to only one choice — are on full display: Similar candidates risk splitting the votes from a common base of support and dragging their shared values to defeat. Voters are fearful of wasting their vote on a candidate that can’t win and feel pressured to choose a front-runner instead. Elections will likely be won with less than a majority (50%) of the vote, making us wonder whether the best candidate was chosen. As shown in our roundup table, there are 25 primaries with 3 or more candidates on the ballot tomorrow. These are 25 elections that are at risk of choosing a winner without majority support — 25 reasons we need Ranked Choice Voting. We hope these 25 reasons inspire you to share this article on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to include both hashtags #WishICouldRank and #mapoli for maximum visibility. Continue reading

Boston Globe Endorses Ranked Choice Voting

We said 2018 was the year we'd make Ranked Choice Voting inevitable. On August 7th, The Boston Globe agreed. Continue reading

Secretary Bill Galvin and Congressman Jim McGovern endorse Ranked Choice Voting at the 2018 Democratic Convention

JUNE 2, 2018 -- Thirty-five Voter Choice Massachusetts volunteers conducted a wall-to-wall organizing campaign at this year's Democratic Convention, held on June 1st and 2nd in Worcester. We took the convention by storm, signing up 1,250 new supporters, including 91 new donors who gave on the spot, and over a dozen new endorsements from high-profile elected officials and candidates. Continue reading

Maine Voters Pass People's Veto to Protect Ranked Choice Voting!

WIN! Wednesday, June 13th, 2018 -- The exciting news out of Maine this morning has Ranked Choice Voting supporters across the nation celebrating after a historic victory. In a 55% to 45% "yes" vote, RCV remains the law of the land across Maine. That's more than DOUBLE the margin of victory as the original 2016 ballot measure had. Continue reading

Former "spoiler" Evan Falchuk joins Voter Choice Massachusetts

Today, I have big news. As a former independent candidate for Governor here in Massachusetts, I am proud to announce that I am throwing my full support behind Ranked Choice Voting by joining the Advisory Board of Voter Choice Massachusetts. Ranked Choice Voting is a game-changing upgrade to the way we vote. It's being adopted by an increasing number of state and local governments — including most recently in the state of Maine — as a way to make elections more competitive and more reflective of voters’ true preferences. Fellow VCMA Advisory Board members include State Treasurer Steve Grossman, business leader Diane Hessan, Nobel Laureate Eric Maskin, and government reform advocate Pam Wilmot. The Massachusetts effort is partof a growing national movement to implement RCV across the country, particularly in light of a divisive presidential election in 2016. Continue reading

Count'em Up - Suffolk County DA Straw Poll

On April 9, 2018, the five candidates for Suffolk County District Attorney shared the stage at the English High School in Jamaica Plain to make their case to the voters. Voter Choice Massachusetts was invited to conduct a straw poll with Ranked Choice Voting to help voters navigate this crowded field and find out which of these candidates was able to consolidate a majority of attendees' support, which "pick one and pray" plurality voting -- the way we vote now -- routinely fails to do.  Continue reading

Count'em Up - Poll Results for MA CD3

Great participation in this "Rank’em Up" poll! Over 1200 people participated in this Ranked Choice Voting poll for the 2018 Massachusetts Congressional District 3 contest. 55% of participants ranked multiple candidates. Big thanks to all who voted, and a great debt to OpaVote for providing their fantastic, truly comprehensive polling application to allow us to conduct this poll using Ranked Choice Voting. Thank you to this exciting group of candidates for running! Continue reading

455 Republican Convention Attendees Sign Up for RCV!

Many of the GOP party faithful who gathered in Worcester Saturday April 28 were not yet familiar with Ranked Choice Voting. That sure changed quickly, as 18 VCMA volunteers worked the halls and our official table exhibit that day. Continue reading

Amherst adopts Ranked Choice Voting for local elections

History in the Making! On March 27th, 2018 the town of Amherst became the second community in Massachusetts (after Cambridge) to adopt ranked choice voting (RCV) to elect its town officials. The main issue on the ballot was a new charter that would replace Amherst’s 240-member representative town meeting and 5-member select board with a 13-member town council. However, voters on both sides of the heated debate supported the use of ranked choice voting, and it was a unanimous decision of the charter commission to include it in the proposal. Continue reading