Regional and Local Teams

We have organizers in seven chapters throughout the Commonwealth and are building local teams in each of her 351 cities and towns.  If you're interested in joining one of our regional chapters or helping to establish a local team, let us know at and we'll help find a role that fits you.

Positions we're looking to fill include:

Chapter Lead

Manages people. Schedules and promotes regular meetings in the region. Sets meeting agendas. Runs meetings. Delegates chapter members to serve in lead roles. Ensures team leads are trained in Basecamp and NationBuilder. Follows up with team leads regularly. Joins Wednesday 8pm Team Leads calls.

Ideally gets approved to be a RCV public speaker, then speaks to local groups seeking endorsements. Ideally attends monthly Boston meetings in-person, when able (furthest regions i.e. Berkshires and Cape not obligatory).

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Live Outreach Lead

Finds highly-attended, probably political local events and leads canvassing/tabling and/or trains table captains. Calls volunteers and/or trains table captains to staff live outreach events with canvassers. Coordinates with state LiveO lead and those from other nearby chapters. Trains volunteers to do Data Entry: entering signup sheets into the database soon after events.

Tasks responsible for delegating: Lit printing, Events research. Note: Calling volunteers to turn them out to upcoming events can eventually be delegated to the Volunteer Engagement Lead.

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Volunteer Engagement Lead

Calls and/or trains volunteers to call new signups to activate them (mainly by inviting them to events). This lead should enjoy talking to people and getting them plugged into where their skill sets are best used. Knows how to keep track of who has or hasn’t been called, and regularly follows up with people who show interest in volunteering. Coordinates with state Volunteer Coordination lead.

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Fundraising/House Party Lead

The brain center of regional fundraising initiatives. Facilitates getting house parties set up, balances regional operating costs (eg. crowdfunding from volunteers for the cost of a table at X event). Makes phone calls to established local donors.

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Social Media Lead

Drafts creative Facebook and Twitter posts relevant to region and sends to Social Media team for posting. Creates Facebook events. Depending on performance, may get access to post directly. Will also be asked to create events on Nationbuilder calendar, sync them with FB event pages, and distribute those links via FB and Twitter networks to promote upcoming events. Has working knowledge of other allied organizations in your region who can help cross-pollinate and share content more widely - work which should be delegated to your region’s volunteers).

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Allies & Endorsements Lead

Networking guru, who has their finger on the pulse of local legislators and organizations, who can be converted into endorsers and donors. Makes calls and sets up meetings and speaking engagements with nearby organizations. Hooks into Speaker’s Bureau (both statewide and local) to set up info sessions to do targeted education work.

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Speaker’s Bureau

Repository of regional speaking talent. Regional lead should, de facto, be a well-trained public speaker. Additional members of regional Speaker’s Bureau should go through training and be approved by Adam. Requires being well-versed on all talking points (both broad and party-specific), being up to speed on internal Messaging discussions (i.e. able to explain STV variations, able to discuss Maine intricacies, etc.), and being educated about any nuances of local implementation paths or legal cases (eg. Lowell, Amherst, etc.) Ideally should be engaging, personable, diplomatic, knowledgeable, confident, articulate, and able to answer any questions.

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Local Campaign Lead

Works with Policy & Research statewide team, and investigates municipal/organizational opportunities for RCV implementation (city council, school board, local union chapters, etc.) Should be knowledgeable about local government processes, and ideally be a trained public speaker as well.

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Municipal Lead

Help us establish connections in your home town, and help your regional team understand local local issues.  Your regional team will help you support regional and statewide goals.  As we grow, we hope municipal leads will also help us find leaders in nearby towns.

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