Worcester: 2018 Grand Tasting

September 08, 2018 at 5:30pm - 6pm EDT

Attending: 15 as of 4/30

Worcester Wine Festival50 Water Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01604

contact: luke@worcesterwinefestival.com

"Worcester Wine Festival's Grand Tasting at Union Station (Worcester, Massachusetts) is the grand event for the entire week’s wine celebration. In addition to the 400+ hand-curated wines, the Grand Tasting will include tastings from selected restaurants, and a small number of hand-picked vendors specializing in arts, retail, and more."

Howie Fain
Nathan Lockwood
This seems like it will be a sizable event and the start of a wine tasting season, so if we can put together a plan for (1) how to propose to do an RCV demonstration at these and (2) how to conduct them to maximize our audience engagement, we could expand into a donor pool we might not otherwise have access to.