August 25, 2018 at 10am - 6pm EDT
Rose Kennedy Rose Garden
Rose Kennedy Rose Garden
Boston, MA 02110
Boston, Massachusetts 02110

Attending: 14 as of 5/1

Ujamaa GreenMart is a network of small- medium enteprises (SME) convening at The Rose Kennedy Greenway to sell affordable Art, craft, Fabric, Jewelry, Lighting Fixture, and Accessories created with Eco-friendly materials such as Bark cloth, Kyangwe, Calabash, Banana fibers, Guards, Bamboo, Trade Beads, Recycled materials, e.g., Bones, Cow horns, and Paper. Register to sell arts and crafts; Advertise your business; Visit our website: www.ujamaagreenmart.com; Send inquiries at contact@ujamaagreenmart.com; and Add, Like, Share on Social Media.