Greater Boston Volunteer Orientation, June

June 25, 2019 at 7pm - 8:30pm EDT
MooYah Burger Joint (Basement)
140 Tremont
Boston, MA 02111
Spencer Reynolds - -

In November of 2016, about 50 volunteers got together with the intention of carrying on the torch from Maine, which had just passed Ranked Choice Voting for all statewide and federal elections. 

Today, in 2019, we are a 30,000+ member movement, we have raised a million dollars, we have earned 87 legislative co-sponsors for RCV legislation and intend to pass RCV in 2020 using the full force of our grassroots movement. 

This volunteer orientation is about Ranked Choice Voting, about how we organize, what the game plan is to win, and—most important—about learning the skills you'll need to push this movement forward. 

Join us!