455 Republican Convention Attendees Sign Up for RCV!

Many of the GOP party faithful who gathered in Worcester Saturday April 28 were not yet familiar with Ranked Choice Voting. That sure changed quickly, as 18 VCMA volunteers worked the halls and our official table exhibit that day.

We’re thrilled to report that after taking the time to engage, question, and learn, a whopping 455 attendance -- 20% of the entire convention -- registered their support for RCV by joining our member email list, which has now reached 10,000. More than 60 signed up for VCMA volunteer roles as well. Over 40 convention-goers expressed interest in setting up RCV presentations to Republican Town and City Committees around the state.

A lot of delegates focused on how the crowded primary for the Republican US Senate nomination this year will be subject to the same problems of vote-splitting and “spoilers” that plague all such plurality elections, and limit the party’s ability to nominate someone with the greatest overall support. More importantly, they used our sample primary ballots to see first-hand how RCV’s use of voters’ ranked preferences would provide a simple and effective solution to the obvious problem.

Ditto for general elections, in which the presence of unenrolled and alternative party candidates add to the unpredictability inherent in plurality elections, forcing many voters to reluctantly choose between the “lesser of two evils,” or risk wasting their vote, actually helping to elect their least favorite candidate. Past elections illustrated this reality well; sample RCV ballots again illustrated the easy solution at hand. It’s not that other parties and independents shouldn’t participate; just the opposite. It’s that all parties and candidates deserve a system that works fairly for all of them, and for all voters.

Ranked Choice Voting appeals to voters of any party, large or small, as well as those who are unenrolled, because it’s a fair way to guarantee a true majority winner who demonstrates the broadest base of support. After all, who isn’t interested in more competitive elections, featuring more voices and more choices participating in more civil campaigns; with greater voter interest, investment and turnout; and outcomes that more accurately reflect the will of the voters?

Voter Choice Massachusetts is proud that we are a politically diverse organization, promoting a voting system reform that points the way towards a better democracy for all. Welcome, new RCV supporters and volunteers! For more information on how to volunteer and advance this vital movement for reform, click here and take an action to get involved.