Contact Representative Devers

April 30, 2019 at 11am - 12pm EDT
Kobe Yank-Jacobs - - 5627159484

Here is Representative Devers email:

Copy, paste and send away, and ask your friends to as well! When you and your friends take action, let us know at (More info below)

Thank you for taking time to contact your representative. Mobilizing all of our supporters to do this in late January, we were able to get 82 co-sponsorships, far surpassing expectations and landing in the top 4% of legislation in the State House.

Now, we have to get to a super-majority. We have 87 legislators in support but we need you to contact Representative Devers and ask him to:

  1. Publicly support H.719 and H.635, the two Ranked Choice Voting bills in the State House. 
  2. Meet with our team of policy experts and constituents to learn more about the legislation and our plans for passing it. 

You can find more information at


Than you again for taking part in this work.