MA CD3 Straw Poll - July 24, 2018

Voter Choice Massachusetts wants to thank all who participated in the straw poll Tuesday night, both at the debate and online, and especially want to thank the candidates for their support and hard work – debating until 10:30 certainly qualifies. It’s so exciting to see residents in the Third Congressional District deeply engaged in the candidate discussions, even late into the evening. We also appreciate everyone enthusiastically filling out their ranked ballots, learning directly how Ranked Choice Voting works and how it supports greater choice and maximizes the impact of our votes. Join us now in our efforts to make this important election reform the law of the state!

Regarding the straw poll, in the course of the evening Tuesday, and after the poll opened, we discovered a technical glitch in the online software. This allowed some individuals, in their enthusiasm, to vote multiple times. The results unfortunately are not able to provide us any meaningful insight into the preferences, as determined through Ranked Choice Voting, of those who followed the debate last night. So, in the best interests of all, we have decided not to publish them.


Disclaimer: Straw poll results are not, by any means, scientific, and should never be construed as an accurate representation of the votes to be cast in the state primary election on September 4, which will not be conducted using Ranked Choice Voting. The poll only reflects the views of the persons attending the debate or watching it online and who chose to express their candidate preferences on our sample Ranked Choice Voting ballot, and is intended simply as an exercise in how to use Ranked Choice Voting.