Boston Globe Endorses Ranked Choice Voting

We said 2018 was the year we'd make Ranked Choice Voting inevitable. On August 7th, The Boston Globe agreed.

The state's largest and most respected newspaper has published a 500-word endorsement of Ranked Choice Voting. Click here to read it on (or the PDF reprint).

Here are a few excerpts:

  • At a time when Massachusetts has the least diverse state legislature, ranked choice is an upgrade worth enacting.

  • Because the ranked-choice system is associated with an increase in voter engagement, it also results in greater turnout at the polls. It often prompts candidates to run less acrimonious campaigns.

  • Massachusetts must follow Maine and become the next state to adopt ranked-choice voting.

Amplify the Globe's Endorsement and Help the Movement

In celebration, let's ensure that as many voters and elected officials hear the Globe's call for a better voting system. There are three ways you can help spread the word now.

  1. Share our Facebook and Twitter announcements on your personal page and on every political or community page you are on.

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  3. Share the Globe endorsement with your local, state, and federal elected officials, along with your wishes that they sign on in support. You can look up your officials here. (Also share it with any candidates running for office in the Sept 4th Primary.)

The Boston Globe Editorial Board agrees: it is time for a brand new politics. It is time for ranked choice voting.