Voter Choice Boston & Activist Afternoons: Help Save RCV in Memphis!

November 04, 2018 at 3pm - 6pm EST
Workbar, 45 Prospect St., Cambridge
45 Prospect St Cambridge
Cambridge, MA 02139
Rocco Pigneri -

With the election only 3 days away, Memphis needs our URGENT help making calls to Memphis voters asking them to save RCV on November 6th!

Join us this Sunday to make these important calls!

Our calls will protect the Ranked Choice Voting (AKA Instant Runoff Voting) law that the people of Memphis enacted ten years ago with 70% of the vote. The Memphis city council has put three questions on the ballot, with one that would repeal the IRV law that the people of Memphis voted for!

In the same way we rallied behind Maine leading up to their statewide RCV victory in June, we are helping our RCV family in Memphis by calling voters and asking them to vote AGAINST all 3 ballot questions.

Will you join us this week for a special Acitivst Afternoons to help Save IRV in Memphis?


**Please bring your fully-charged cellphone and laptop to this event.

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