Voter Choice MA makes history at the Massachusetts Democratic Convention

On June 3rd, 2017, we achieved a milestone. We inspired a majority of the 4,500 delegates to vote YES on a proposal to put ranked choice voting into the official platform of the Massachusetts Democratic Party.



Executive Director Adam Friedman on the big screen, delivering a speech to the Democratic Convention. Photo by Michael Horan.

To enthusiastic cheers, we educated the entire convention about this transformative upgrade to the way that we vote. Then the platform amendment was voted on twice (a voice vote and a standing vote) and succeeded both times! Here's the video of Adam's remarks:

Meanwhile, our army of volunteers flooded the Worcester DCU Center to educate the thousands of attendees. All in all, we signed up 760 new people, including over 100 new volunteers. Many of these valuable connections will lead to a host of new speaking gigs around the state.  Are you a member of a political or community group that wants to learn more about ranked choice voting? Schedule a speaker for your next meeting or event.


Volunteers Riley and Joe, canvassing at the convention. Photo by Alex Siegel.

Massachusetts Democrats have made it clear: they're ready to #RankTheVote. This endorsement will open many doors. We hope you will walk through with us. Show your support with a generous contribution of $250, $100, $50, or $25.



RCV bill sponsors State Rep. Mike Connolly (left) and State Senator Jamie Eldridge (right), with Executive Director of Voter Choice Mass, Adam Friedman (center).



Volunteer Paul speaks with an attendee about the platform amendment. Photo by Alex Siegel.



Connie, our master phone-banker, staffing our convention table. Photo by Alex Siegel.