More Voice, More Choice

Sign on in support of Ranked Choice Voting.

        Ranked Choice Voting is a simple, fair, and easy way to give more voice and more choice to Massachusetts voters.

        Instead of picking just one candidate, Ranked Choice Voting allows you to rank the candidates on your ballot  as many or as few as you prefer  in your order of choice. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3  and this simple change has the power to save our democracy.

        • Ranked Choice Voting gives voters more power to express their full opinion about the candidates.
        • Ranked Choice Voting ensures that the winning candidate has majority support and that similar candidates can't split the vote or "spoil" the election.
        • Ranked Choice Voting ensures that the candidates with the best ideas, not the biggest bank accounts, have a fair shot at running and winning.

        Join the movement to bring Ranked Choice Voting to Massachusetts.